2002-09-13, 10:23 a.m.,

I had a very vivid dream last night about someone i've never met. I've talked to her a few times,over the computer, but nothing more. And yet she shows up in my dream as if i've known her all along. Strange how we can do that, when i've never so much as seen a picture of her and yet in my dream i knew exactly how she looked.

There's a chemist just around the corner from our house (a chemist, because aussies don't have pharmacies)and the guy who owns it is rather young, maybe early 30's Indian man. The trouble is that everytime i go in there, he's a bit of what i would call intrusive. The place is never busy and it's really small, so the minute you walk in, he tends to walk right up to you, ask what your there to buy and basically shop for you. Something i'm not at all comfy with. Yesterday i had the luxury of walking in as he was imposing on another gentleman, but the moment he left, over to me he came, said hello and immediately took the conditioner and tampons out of my hands and asked if there was anythign else as he walked up to the cash register. I said no, and he begins to tell me what a wise choice i made with my conditioner. How his wife uses it and how lovely it smells, what a good value for the money it was, etc.... goes on and on about the conditioner as I hand him the cash, he picks up a bag to put my things in it then he pausesfor a brief moment and i thought to myslef "go ahead, tell me how great the tampons are......." oddly, he didnt mention a word.

It's really a sienfeld situation as i always feel so uncomfy going to that chemist, but its so close. I really should just start going somewhere else. So what's more important, the conveinece or the intrusive man. One time i reached across the ironing board and just brushed my forearm to the iron and burnt myself, so off i went to the chemist and here its like they're mini doctors, where people go in and tell him their aches and pains and he suggests an over the counter medication for them. He immediately takes my arm, examines it, asks me how i did it, etc. and gives me burn ointment. God forbid i ever have to go in ther with something really emabrrassing.

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