2002-09-21, 7:47 p.m.,

Had a great time last night, its always an entertaining evening "people watching" at places like that. We came home, completely crashed out and slept quite solidly until late this morning. It was amazingly lovely. Although i still have the blue ink stain on my inside wrist reading "Bumpher Bar" and i haven't showered to wash it off yet, pretty gross, hey? I must have been quite intoxicated this morning because i washed my face before going to bed and my wrist must have got wet because i woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and in the darkness i noticed this purplish-bruise like spot on my breast. I turned the light on to find the stamp must have pressed off onto my chest when i fell asleep with my arm underneath me. It was actually funny, me standing in the bathroom trying to read it backwards printed on my breast at 4:30 a.m. That one has managed to wash off easily, it's this other thats a bit of a challenge.

Spent today running errands and trying to get everything together, it's slowly slowly coming.....

Still no idea what i'm wearing. I found a dress that i'd be quite happy with, the trouble is...well, it's pink. And i have this thing about pink dresses. I'm being a total cry baby, and i guess it isnt really pink, but more of a fleshy rose kinda colour. Bah....I'll find something...

Boring boring, blah blah blah....this post is about absolutely nothing remotely interesting and i hear maxie banging dishes in the kitchen. I think i'd be of better service there helping her with dinner....

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