2003-02-20, 12:51 p.m.,

So I just couldn't stay away today, had to write again. I finally got around to adding a few more pictures in the album, but sadly, for those of you who know me, you may have already seen most of them.

We found this little cabin on the beach to stay in this weekend while we go to visit Francis. I'm really excited to go. And..the best part is that we've already made reservations (courtesy of our dear friend) to dine in his restaraunt.

Speaking of photos, Maxie and I came up with this idea to buy a bunch of raw wooden frames and paint them how we wanted. So they are all patterned or different colours. We then took out snapshots of us, our friends, just pictures from our life together and clustered them together (there's 16 of them i think) on the wall opposite our bed. It makes me happy just looking at that wall now, so many good memories.

Yeah yeah i know, mushy mushy grossness.... I'll stop.

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