2003-02-27, 10:10 a.m.,

Maxie and I have this theory about having pizza before bedtime and the effects it has on your dreams. Go on, test it out, eat pizza right before you go to bed and just see what happens, messed up things....

I'd give you all the details, but it'd take far to long to describe and give an accurate portrayal of just how fucked up this dream was. So I'll spare you all.

We went out last night and met up with some friends we hadn't seen in awhile. I'm noticing that since I've been working on this book, and maybe since before that, I'm really becoming a huge homebody. But when I finally do drag my ass out, and I dont mean things like going to the movies, i mean like going out to bars and clubs and such like last night, i find myself having such a good time that on the way home I think "why don't I go out more often?" Now, here I sit today thinking *Sigh* "It'll be so nice to stay home tonight and just relax...... Maybe I need a personal motivator.

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