2003-03-17, 9:41 a.m.,

So we've been working so very hard on putting together all of our visa material, and we've got this big meeting to go to tonight where a JP has to notorize a mountain of paperwork that doesnt even make up half of what we have to submit. And today, after planning out all I have to do for my medical exam, and after no mention anywhere of the exam costing anything (not on the form, nothing on the website) even the woman when I called to make an appointment didn't mention it along with the list of things she asked me to bring. So I thought (ok maybwe there is no fee to this because it's included in the application fee, which is $2000 and should damn well cover it, but oh no, not until I asked did the nice lady inform me that this is a required and additional $245. Now we're getting scared that this April 20th deadline won't happen. That we just won't have the money together to do it all.

I wish I were a guy, I could sel sperm or something....maybe there's some medical testing I could volunteer for seeing as how I'm going to be thoroughly examined by these people anyway. You wouldn't believe all the things I'm required to be examed for let's see:

Tuberculosis Chest x-ray

Urinalysis (Drug test I imagine because it has a million drug related questions next to it)

Blood testing for HIV test and Hep B.

Pregnancy test

Breast Exam

Pelvic Exam

Hearing and Eyesight testing

Mental State Questionairre

and the list goes on and on.....

at least after this I know just how healthy I am.

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