2003-05-20, 11:07 a.m.,

I thought today I'd dedicate this entry to my dear sweet mommy.

I've been thinking over the past few weeks how resiliant she really is. How in just the past two and a half years, all three of her children have landed some serious doozies on her.

My poor mother, who gave up an art scholarship because she was pregnant with me, has three children.

The first one (me) is a lesbian and I do the big "i'm gay" talk with my parents who were absolutely remarkable about it all. Then this:

The second one (my sister) literally the day after I have the big talk discovers she's pregnant. She's 20, unmarried and has only been dating her boyfriend about 5 months. So while my parents are still coping with the our daughter is a lezzie thing, my sister hits them with this. I have thanked her by the way for immediately dropping something else to distract them.

Then my brother, the baby of the house.All through his childhood teachers wanted to skip him ahead of his classs because he was simply bored with school. SO bored that on his 18th birthday, with only months of high school left. He went into the office and pulled himself out of highschool without telling my parents. He has bigger plans, better plans. This was a year ago and he's buying property with the money he's saved working for a handcarved wooden furniture company. I dont own a house...maybe he is on the right track. My parents, incredibly disappointed saw him as a drop out and were convinced he'd do nothing with his life, go nowhere. But he's happy, and I'm happy and my sister has a son who's the absolute focal point of my entire families life. So things work out.

Today I'm talking to my mother on the phone and she tells me that my sister is getting married to the man she's been dating for almost year now. They've both decided they'd rather spend the money on buying a house rather than having a big wedding, so they are going to vegas to elope at the end of June.

I asked my mom if her and dad were going and she said "no, I'm taking the baby for a week while they are there." Then a I said "but dont you want to be able to attend the wedding of at least one of your kids?"

She tells me "as long as you all are happy, I dont care." Besides, you're brother might get married one day....

My mother is a saint we as her children don't deserve.

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