2003-07-08, 8:04 p.m.,

The girl who I thought was trying to size me up at work happens to be rather nice, even though she still makes me nervous. Today quite by accident when I went to lunch with a friend she camew along and I flat out told her that she made me nervous, but laughed it off as it being because she looks so much like my ex. Maybe thats why she thinks I weird. Anyway, she gets the same bus as me home only goes int he opposite direction, so me being nice I sent her an email at work and said basically, if you want company on the walk home tot he bus stop, let me know and I'll walk with you." we leave at the same time and are going the same place, seems logical. Anyway, she never emailed me back and I got to the bus stop and was sitting there on my side of the street, then she comes around about 10 minutes later and goes to the otherside. But its dark and I pretend not to see her. How lame am I? Why do I even care if some weird girl doesnt want to be my friend? Really?

I don't know why I'm hell bent on figuring her out, but she really interests me,.not in that "hey baby" kinda way, I can't describe it.

Anyway...... Geek girl is out of work sick and since she's gone I have to be in the other building more. This means that I'm there without her and suddenly people talk to me.

It's a weird place to work.

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