2003-07-29, 7:49 p.m.,

I think it's about time I put some sort of substantial post in this diary.

And yet again I'm forced to email my post to myself at home so I can post it later tonight.(So I apologize in advance for any unnatural line breaks.)

I've been really quite busy at the job because geek girl is off in Burma doing some charity missionary work with her church group and I have to admit I've really been enjoying the job so much more since she's been gone.

I get to do way more things that are in my field of interest and I get to listen to the music I want to listen to not the pop music crap she plays. It's really kinda lovely.

I've also been working so fervently on the book. Technically, it's finished, but in my eyes it needs more editing and fleshing out. I reckon I'm going to finish up the full read through/edit that I've been doing and then print up a few copies, hand them out to 2 or 3 people with red pens and ask them to be cruel. Time to thicken up the skin....

Also it seems our trip overseas is going to be bumped to Christmas, I've really got mixed feelings on this one. I understand it's going to be tough to go now when it's hard for Maxie to get time off of work and we'd really have to pull our funds together and stick to a pretty tight schedule once we got there. If we go at Christmas we can stay way way longer, have way more money, we can travel to a few extra places and be with my family at Christmas. So yes it's all good things, but now I have to wait an additional 5 more months to see them.

Aidan will be two by the time I get there, seems a shame I've only see him like 3 days in 2 years ever and he's my family.

I'm also having a silent battle with a friend who's done something rather shitty and has now run off overseas to play awhile and I think she thinks I'm really upset with her and really I just don't care anymore. It doesn't matter anyway I guess, but she's never online much for me to email her and if she's still reading my diary I'm hoping she knows I don't hate her. I don't understand her, but I don't hate her.

Blah...technicalities. And the new friend I've just started getting close to is bailing out for the UK in December. I think Maxie and I should just move to London. Seems we've got better friends there anyway.

Now, back to the book............

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