2003-11-05, 10:09 a.m.,

It's been slowly getting warmer and warmer out and the past two days have been so so sunny and warm.......I'm so ready for summer it's not funny. *please dear weather gods and godesses give me one solid month of sunny days before we leave for NY in December and get cheated out of summer* Don't get me wrong, I'm so excited to go home for christmas and be back in the US, but dear god...I'm not ready for cold and snow and ice.

And I'd very much like to use this space to personally thank Ani Difranco for FINALLY booking a tour in Australia on her own and not opening for Bobby D.

Dear Ani,

Thank you so much for not letting all my girlfriends emails to righteous babe records go to waste. Even if you never responded to any of them, I know you were reading. So from someone who was used to seeing you on tour at least 4-5 times a year to once in three years, I appreciate your effort to come to Oz and entertain us. you've made at least two girls (and I'm sure many many more) very very happy campers.

Sincerely, Gwen

Also, Geek Girl came into work today dressed entirely in Black with these huge black boots and space age sunglasses on. She informed me she's leaving a bit early to go get her hair dyed black this afternoon. Why? Because the last matrix movie premieres to the public at 1 a.m. and she's going tonight to dress as trinity of course. Butonly after sitting through the first two films in the series before watching the third. She's taking tomorrow off.........

Wonder what it's like to live in her head....

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