2003-11-08, 5:56 p.m.,

SO much to say...let's see. I went to the doctor today because I've been getting these really sharp stabbing pains in my head, startign from the back of my neck going straight up to the back of my eye. They only last a few seconds and sometimes it's months before I get them again, sometimes only hours. The past two weeks I've been getting them way way more frequently. Doctor wants me to come for a head x-ray on tuesday. I'm sure it's nothing, but in my gut I'm a little nervous.

Secondly, we leave in 4 weeks and I've so much to get out of the way before then..so busy and my girl is stressed and I'm getting stressed and I've got a friend who's now barking in my ear about something I'd rather not hear about.....

Sometimes it's all just a bit too much.

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