2003-11-11, 10:49 a.m.,

I spent this morning at the doctor's office getting X-rays on my neck and the base f my head to see if the doctor could figure out why I was getting these sharp pains in my head. So the lady takes my medical card and asks me why it says that its a temporary card. I politely explain that I've just been granted my residency, she smiles and says "did you come here and fall madly in love with an Aussie?" To which I smiled and said "yup." Then we go into the X-Ray room and she says "I have to ask you if there's any chance you might be pregnant before we do the X-rays." This question always makes me chuckle. I assured her there was no chance with a bit of a laugh and this confused the dear old woman, but she politely smiled and did the X-rays telling me all about how her husband is from England and how they went to the beach this weekend and all the English people were out on the beaches here with really white skin waving around a football flag cheering their team on. She then asked me if I was rallying for the English football team and it occurred to me that she thought I was English. She was so excited and I didn't want to disappoint her so I said "no, I'm not really into sports" and left it all at that.

The prognosis? After being asked about 30 times if I'd been in a car accident where the back of my head would have struck something, the doctor looked very perplexed and said I had some "bruising" on the back of my skull that was very old, but he needed to send it off to someone to get a report. So he sent me off on my merry way with what feels like a rubber band snapping at the back of my head going straight up to my eye and back and said he's see me again Saturday when the report comes in......

My head hurts.

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