2003-11-21, 12:24 p.m.,

So we have the party tomorrow..oh yes **The** party....and it seems we have a line of girls all ready and excited to show up and well, discover thing....hahaha, fuckerware parties... who came up with the name. still cracks me up. We've got about 15 girls, both Lez and straight coming to our place for a very liberating "toy browsing."

It's gonna be strange, it's gonna be a laugh, it's gonna be funny as hell, it'll be educational no doubt.

The trip is in 2 weeks. 2 weeks!!! I booked our hotel for San Fran today and I've arranged it all with my parents to pick us up in Philadelphia. Neddy has a family to play with for the 6 weeks we're gone and once we find someone to drop in and check on the place once in awhile and water the plants, we should be good to go. Well minus having to call up the airline, find out if I need a visa to travel to the UK...can anyone tell me?? Do yankee's need tourist visa's to go to London? Anyone? I know Aussies don't and I shouldn't have to either really, should I?

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