2004-01-23, 9:23 a.m.,

I started out on Monday morning leaving the house with the sun shining and all the confidence the summer gives me, but today it's friday and I've grown tired of spending all my time in front of the computer looking for jobs and trying to get interviews. Last time I did it I had like 5 interviews in 2 days...I don't get it....

But it's been a good week because it's my girls's birthday week and I'm a firm believer that when it's your birthday you should get special treatment all week, not just on the day. So She got her pressies from me on tuesday on Wednesday a friend of our come over and gave her a most excellent pressie (tickets to see in Ani in Sydney for the second show she added...(so yes dear readers we will be seeing her now 3 times within 2 weeks.) and then we went out to dinner together...on thursday we had her party with her family and they did pressies and we gave them gifts from our trip...now tonight...tonight we go over to the same friends house who so graciously gave the ani tickets and have a b-day bbq witht he rest of our friends.

She's a loved little chickie isn't she?

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