2004-03-24, 4:11 p.m.,

Your story is as follows:

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Cornelia. she was 19 years old, and liked dancing bananas. she lived in a cardboard box with the third cousin, who played bingo twice a month at the Recreational Center. They lived on welfare, food stamps, and the side business of selling edible undies to minors.

One day, because she was trying to sell the last edible undies, Cornelia was walking through the city. Cornelia was listening to Fade Into You by Mazzy Star, and was quite enjoying it, until there was a loud thud from behind. Turning around, she saw a 2-foot-tall giraffe wearing a lime green polka-dotted bra!

The citizens were all fleeing in terror, and Cornelia could only think of one thing to do: kiss! she walked up to the giraffe, kicked it in the shin, and kissed it!

There was much rejoicing, since Cornelia had just saved the city - the third cousin even left the bingo game early, but not before eating all the rice cakes in the Recreational Center. So all the money that Cornelia was given for defeating the giraffe had to pay for all the rice cakes.

The end.

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