2005-10-10, 9:35 a.m.,

So tired this morning.
Leaving bed was the hardest thing to do this morning when everything else said stay.

My head is in a thousand places, trying to get the book sorted out, the launch put together, working out my travel plans for December because Iím going to be in Hong Kong for 2 days and I have no clue what the bloody hell to do with myself.

On Friday afternoon I parked myself in a coffee shop and started working on the next book. About an hour into it my laptop battery went dead and then I started handwriting. Now Iím stuck in this groove of wanting to write that rather than stories for the magazine.

And Iím also a bit sore this morning for undisclosed reasons and my mind canít leave the thoughts of yesterday afternoon. I have a theory about new bed sheets. I reckon thereís something about them.

Oh yes, and Iím going to the ARIA awards for work. They are essentially the Australian version of the Grammyís. And Iíll be in the media room, backstage. And I seriously need to work out what Iím going to wear.

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