2005-12-07, 8:52 a.m.,

The people of Sydney are very funny in that the chances of bumping into a celebrity are pretty good. You always get your B and C grade aussie celebrities out and about and going to all the events I have to for work I fun into a fair few of not so A list celebrities. But Aussies are funny in that they pretend not to know who they are. It’s weird.

Last night my girl and I went for a swim and then out to dinner and as we were coming back down the main street near where we live I bump into a guy I used to work with and he says to me “I think that guy over there is Russell Crowe” so we have a peek and sure enough, about 30 meters away from me he sits, ironically on the phone and people are walking past pretending not to see him.

I leave next week for America and haven’t started packing yet. I was convinced I was leaving on Saturday and was telling everyone I leave Saturday morning, then yesterday I looked at my itinerary and discovered my departure was actually Friday afternoon. Good thing I checked.

Other than that, it’s just been the usual, work, gym , doing the mag, getting the book stuff very slowly sorted out. On Saturday I spent a few hours working on the new one. I am really excited about how this second one is turning out. Busy weekend coming up and it’s my last one here for awhile.....

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