2006-01-23, 11:03 a.m.,

We had the best of intentions after our big social stint of relaxing at home and cleaning the house, having a "nesting" day. So we started out well, went for brunch down the street..Downloaded the first few episodes of the L word, curled up in bed to watch them and then we were done for. No matter how hard we tried to be functional yesterday it just didn't work, inevitable we ended up all over each other in bed. Trying very hard to be tactful here kiddies, but it was pretty full on continuously and then at 9 when the house absolutely reeked of girl and the bedsheets were in hard core need of changing, we decided that in order to save ourselves me must get out. So we ventured down the street to a jazz club and watch Kat Frankie play.

Not nearly as many dykes as I thought her gig would attract, but what a great performer regardless.

Today, I'm exhausted, sore and unable to stop thinking about her.

God bless the L word and it's bad bad acting. (It's all I've got to blame.)

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