2006-02-10, 10:49 p.m.,

Long day today and things are much easier, no stress lately, but i did go to the docotr today thinking I was just in for a diabetes blood check. she reckons I've gota problem with my thyroid. So she took a heap and I mean a heap of blood and i have to wait and see what happens.

Then I rang my mom who tells me that thyroid problems run in my family, I have both and auntie and cousin who had had surgury because of it and my grandmom had very very severe problems with hers.

Great. Cheers for that. Can;t wait until monday.

On a god note, queensland tourism invited me and my girl to come up for three days, they are paying for everything, flights, hotel and are creating an entertainment itineray for us while we are there. They've also decided to bok my girl into a day spa while I'm in meetings. Aren't they kind??

I'm feeling pretty lucky in that respect, but yeah, the health thing might not be so lucky.

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