2006-06-19, 10:18 a.m.,

I signed for my book Saturday morning and standing on the street outside the post office I peeled off the tape took one look at it, handed it to Nic and burst into tears.

I felt like I had just sold off every memory I had of her and I fel like the worst person in the world. Since Iíve had continually reassurance that this isnít the case, but still, Iím not exactly sure how I feel about it. That said, I have to make the few ďfine tuningĒ sort of changes and then itís as good as done.

We spent all weekend moving her into her new place and I stayed there with her over the weekend and although itís kind of weird not having her in the house I have a feeling weíll both be over at each otherís all the time anyway. Actually itís kind of nice having two different houses because weíre both seeing the best of each other and only seeing each other when we want to and when we can both make a proper effort to get out of the house and enjoy spending time together.

That said, moving into her place this weekend was tough enough. I canít imagine how tiring itíll be when I move into my new place with twice as much stuff. Although Iíve seriously gotten rid of a lot of my things and intend to do more over the next month or so, will see how it goes.

Other than that, I think the name of the game is to spend a lot of time working on the second book and finding a new place to live.

Oh yes and get ready for the overwhelming amount of family events my mother has already booked into place both before and after my sisterís wedding so that I get to visit with every member of my extended family. Oh the joy.

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