2006-07-15, 10:53 p.m.,

The yucky flu stuff is nearly gone, except I still have this wretched cough and haven't eaten much in 3 days. But yesterday I put my jeans on, slid them over my hips while the button and zipper were still done up.

I now have one pair that fit me and today I was tugging them up as well.
I feel like I've been sick a lot this year the thyroid thing and this flu.

They gave me these pills that cost a bloody fortune and weren't covered by medicare so I get to the chemist and he asks me if I'm travellig, I say no and he makes some calls and tells me to come pick them up in a few hours. Long story short, I find out yesterday from the woman who is the editor of the pharmacy mag that the pills I'm taking had a big write up in her mag because they've just been brought into Australia, aren't approved by the govenment health program yet because they are trying to get them in to stockpile in case the asian bird flu epidemic breaks out here.

So yes, I am being treated with Bird Flu Medication.

Its called tamiflu. And it bloody works and its expensive and knocks you on your ass and makes you sick if you eat anything, but yeah. In one day I felt a thousand times better.

And now I can hang out with all the asian chickens I want.

Bonus for that.Especially since I have that chicken phobia.

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