2001-09-22, 11:19 p.m.,

so i'm talking to rachael, and she says to me "remember how you were always walkign around singing that Indigo girls song?" and i say "which one?" and she says "the nashville one." I love that song so much and i am always singing it, she says "yeah i've been listening to it a lot lately and it always makes me think of you cuz you always sing it and i thought that the lyrics were so appropriate for you, do you sing it on purpose?" that threw me so i was thinking about it...hmmm...so ladies and gentlemen of the jury.....no i've never lived in nashville, but yes i've been there..so insert anytown, but whattya think?

as i drive from your pearly gates

i realize that i just can't stay

all those mountains they kept you locked inside and hid the truth from my slighted eyes

i came to you with a half-open heart dreams upon my back

illusions of a brand-new start nashville, can't i carry the load is it my fault i can't reap what i sow? nashville, did you give me half a chance with your southern style and your hidden dance?

all those voices they whisper through my walls they talk of falling fast they say i'm losing it all they say i'm running blind to a love of my own but i'll be walking proud

i'm saving what i still own

i fell on my knees to kiss your land but you are so far down i can't even see to stand

nashville you forgot the human face you see with half a mind

what colors hide the face

nashville i'd like to know your fate i'd like to stay awhile but i've seen your lowered state

today i'm leaving but i've got all these debts to pay

we all have our dues i'll pay in some other place

i never ask that you pay me back we all arrive with more

i left with less than i had

your town is made for people passing through

a last chance for a cause well i thought i knew

nashville tell me what you gonna do with your southern style it'll never pull you through

nashville i can't place no blame but if you forget my face i'll never call your name

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