2001-11-21, 2:29 p.m.,

I seeme to be posting in groups of 2 lately...i was thinking this morning about abby again and how i feel like i dont think about her as much as i used to, or at least not so much in the way that i used to. But this morning i woke and randomly remebered one thanksgiving when she and karalynne and i were at her apartment and we ordered chinese for thanksgiving and there was this strange tension between everyone because i knew that abby and karalynne were kinda together and kara knew abby and i still had well, whatever we had....so we're all hanging out and we drink so much wine and eat chinese and we're all a bit drunk and karalynne decides to get the fortune cokies out of the bag and hands then out and i remember Abby's saying "You'll always get what you want as long as you want it enough." or somthing to that effect. and we were joking about our fortunes and i remember abby sitting behind me on the floor and she reached around me to open up her fortune, but left her arms wrapped around me and then after reading it karalynne says to her "ok, so what do you want badly enough?" and i just remember her long contemplative pause and then her leaning over my shoulder and kissing my shoulder very intently and saying "Gwennie knows."

how do you respond to that? I wish i knew then how to better deal with her. Too late now, but it still haunts me a bit that i never knew how to handle her, how to respond to her, what to say to her......anyway....thanksgiving, yeah..

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