2002-05-11, 2:22 p.m.,

How long has it been? forever it seems. I've been writing in a real tangible journal now and its a bit nicer to just be able to pick it up and write in stead of waiting for when i can get around to a computer.

Here in Oz still....going home, hopefully in late june, just working the money for the tickets and all that is a big stress. I'm anxious to go home and see my family, but i'm not too interested in staying away from maxine. I feel so badly i cant bring her with me. I'd be amazing to show her so many things that werent buried under snow this time.

My birthday came and went. We had a small get together here and maxie and i went to diner on my real b-day night. It was lovely, actually. No word form Anie, Brian or kate. it's amazing how i can attract a million people who can so easily push their friends aside. Especially the friends that knock themselves out to keep in touch with them from housands of miles away....why do i bother really?

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