2002-06-26, 11:51 a.m.,

At some point i should be getting motivated to pack up for this trip home... at some point. So I'l just wait here until i feel like going. *Sigh* wouldnt my life be just a bit nicer if my family lived like 2 hours away. Far enough that i can be away when needed but close enough to come home without spending 3 grand and 20 some hours on a plane.

talked to my mom for awhile today. she's made plans for us to go to philadelphia together for this folk fest thing. She's really excited, its been awhile since we've done something big like this alone together. driving 3 hours and all. I'm working it out with Brian and Anie to meet them there. They are both pretty lax on that kinda stuff so i hope it pulls through.

So when it rains it pours i guess. In just three weeks time I've had a cancer scare with my uncle, which was something less than, my sister (who we're still waiting on) and now my mom tells me that while i'm home my grandmom is flying up to NY from florida (which i knew) but that she'll be spending lots of time with her sister who is in hospital with severe lung cancer. Sheesh....

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