2002-06-27, 11:04 a.m.,

I was thinking maybe I should change the background of my diary. Does it matter really? does anyone read it that it would make a difference? probably not.... so maybe it'd be a waste of time trying to figure out how to do it.

I had this really strange dream. Why is it that the weirdest dreams, for me, come when I've woken up and then drifted back to sleep in the morning? Maxie gets up for work and I wake up, usually falling back asleep for about 45 minutes or so and it then, that i have the strangest most vivid dreams. On some level i look forward to it, waiting to see what my mind conjures up, other times i think "how in the hell did my mind come up with that??"

Anyway this mornings was an odd one that i'm not comfy with. I think it's because I emailed Anie yesterday and maxie and i were talking about her last night at the bar, but it was about her.

In my dream i was at this house that was supposed to be hers and for some reason we were talking and whatever and I dont remember how but this big bowl of realy small ear rings had fallen out onto the carpet. They were of al different types of jewels and beads and I was upset because i knew i had to find these 3 specific pairs to wear. And the carpet was this really thick shag and they were all so little and falling inside the carpet. The to make it worse, all the backs of the ear rings were unnattached, so i had to dig them out as well. Anie was helping me and we were talking (what about i cant remember) but she became really upset with me. She then asked me to stay there in her house and wait for her while she went out somewhere. I told her i would, but as soon as she left all the power in the house went out and it was really dark (hence making it impossible to find these damn earrings.) so i lit all these candles and contined looking, but i was sitting on a staircase halfway up and i had this feeling that there was someone standing behind me and i was really frightened. So i turned around and i could see these almost wet footprints on the carpet were someone had walked down the stairs and stopped at my back. I was just staring at them when this white ceramic vase type thing that was sitting on the step was basically pushed over and fell down the stairs. I stood up to move away and felt these hands around my throat that pushed me down the stairs. When i stood up I no longer could speak. So i locked myself in anie's bedroom, curled up in her bed and thought i would wait for her there. Finially I waited until i heard someone in the house and I tried to call out to her to see if it was her and still couldn't speak. I opened the door and walked out into what is currently my apartment and maxine was sitting on the sofa all curled up, reading. She asked me what was wrong and I looked at the clock realizing that in what seemed like only 20 minutes, 5 hours had passed. I started crying and suddenly could talk again. I was telling maxine how i was going mad and that i had lost 5 hours of time and that when i went into that room i was in a different house. She was trying to console me when i woke.

So what does it all mean? It's disturbed me a bit and I'm not sure what to look up in my dream dictionary to try to translate it. Hmmm....if anyone's reading, a translation would be lovely....

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