2002-07-29, 3:35 p.m.,

Monday, the 29th of July, day 9584 of my life (according to my biorhythm anyway) But I wonder, with all the travelling I've done over the international date line (losing days, gaining days, etc.) do you think that number is really accurate? Sure it's accurate in the sense that there has been 9584 days since May 2nd 1976...but have i experienced all of them? And what about the time I'm unconscious? I dont mean asleep per se, but during surgeries (cause I've easily had 24 hours at minimum of unconscious sedated life....) hmmm....the world may never know.

Anyway, I just came home from the market and it's strange because the place was packed for 2 pm on a monday. So this woman is standing behind me talking to this random guy while we're in one of the aisles and i hear her say to him "so I'd been sleeping with him the whole time, not knowing we were related. I was so embarassed." This is the god's honest truth people, the woman said it herself. Now, possibly it was a joke to see if i'd turn around and give her this look of shock and insult. That being the situation, i didnt fall into the game. i just carried on wondering "if its that embarrassing why discuss it in a supermarket? why discuss at all?" Then a few aisles over, yet again they walk behind me and she is again saying to this guy "yeah I knew the second i slept with him he'd tell my boyfriend." Someone needs to put this girl out of her misery. She's all dressed up, business suit and proper, barking out her sex life to the entire market.

Then as i'm in the checkout I'm standing behind another woman. Blonde hair, dressed like she'd just step off the runways of paris. Designer handbag, designer jacket, perfectly manicured nails, designer red leather stilleto shoes. How do I know all these things are designer? Because she was one of these women who wore the type of designer clothing that announced it. A handbag with Gucci written across it; Chanel written on the sleeve of her jacket. it's realy all too much. there was more on her to read than there was in the tabloid rack, words words everywhere announcing her wealth. Finally to top it all off, she has this long white ribbon fastened at the top of her head (ala playschool style) that reads Chanel the length of it. A white ribbon, no longer than my arm, reading chanel in large black lettering maybe 6 times over and i stood wondering "how does your ribbon differ from any other craft store ribbon with a print on it?" What does one pay for such a strip of designer named shiney fabric? Because it certainly made her hair look far more fabulous than a solid white ribbon alone. I'm sure it was worth every cent.

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