2002-09-04, 9:41 a.m.,

What a bad day I had yesterday...blech, not even worth writing about except for that i just felt like from the moment I woke it would be nearly impossible for something to go the way i wanted it to.

Maxie's still sick and its so frustrating because what she needs is to get away from her over stressing job and get some rest to let her body catch up, but her boss would rather lose an arm than give her a day off. So she gets up during the night, unable to sleep, which means I'm up during the night unable to sleep. She has this continual headache that just makes her feel bad about everything. I just wish wish wish she'd feel better.

Tomorrow I go for my orientation at the children's hospital. I put in an application to be a volunteer there. Sit around with the kids, read to them, help them with homework, etc. When i was little I seemed to have surgury for everything (tonsils removed, adnoids, appendix, you name it) and i just remember being a kid and the nurses that would actually come in and hang out with you, color, watch tv, were so much fun and i would always get so excited when those ones were on duty. Anyway, the children's hospital is literally walking distance from where i work. And the woman called and asked me to come in on wednesday mornings from 9-1. She said I'd be on the Oncology floor with children who are being treated for cancer ages 4-10. I'm really excited to do my orientation tomorrow.

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