2002-09-26, 1:15 p.m.,

Why do I always set myself up for this kinda stuff? maxie's been sick for a few days with this god aweful flu and I've been taking care of her (just like with the cold she had about a month ago) thinking "maybe i'll be lucky and not catch it." Then, just a few days later, right when she's just starting to feel better....Wham!

So last night i'm laying in bed readign and my tummy feeling a bit weird and so I stand up to go into the bathroom and wash my face, brush my teeth, you know standard bedtime stuff and it just hits me....

I was up the entire night throwing up...so gross. So now I'm on a strict diet of water and tea. I figure as long as I keep my tummy empty, I've got nothing to piss my stomach off with. I think a few days of very minimal eating will be really good for me anyway seeing as how i went swimsuit shopping yesterday and was completely traumatized by it, but i found one anyway. I needed to, we've got Vanuatu comign up soon. Can't very well spend 8 days in a hut on a tropical island with no bathing suit.

What else? Oh yeah, another good thing about being sick is that i can spend heaps of time in bed reading my book that i can barely seem to put down. I think i'm going to be really devestated when i finish this one, knowing i'll be waiting at least a year for the next, maybe longer.

What a terribly boring entry.....better stop before i kill someone.

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