2002-10-30, 8:59 p.m.,

Tomorrow is Halloween, but it's not a celebrated holiday here, so I'm a bit bummed out about it. I was on my way to work today thinking about the year during uni when I worked waitressing at Whispering Springs and we all came in costume on halloween night. My roomate at the time was an art student and made a clay sculpture of my hair, by painting clay slip into it and constructing something that sat so high on my head I had to recline the car seat, barely reaching the accelorator to drive to and from work. Anie was dressed as a Dragon Slayer, complete with this rubbt dragon head. I've had so many elaborate costumes, man i really wish we would have planned a full on costume party this year, how fun would that be?

I also was thinking today of something that happend on our way to Vanuatu that I wanted to mention and forgot. Maxie and I have the luck that no matter what happens, we rarely ever get seated together on airplanes, no matter how we check in how early we confirm, nothing. So this time, we decide to check in early to get our seats together and we do. Then its time to board the plane and as we get on the plane our boarding passes find some trouble and the woman pulls us aside and waits until nearly everyone is boarded and then smiles and politely informs us they moved our seats to two opposing aisles so that a newlywed couple could sit togther. Maxine just looked at me and said "the irony" appafrently they looked at the flight, chocked full of newlyweds (Vanuatu is apparently huge that way) and found two women sitting next to each other and just assumed we'd be willing to move our seats to two aisles. We were both so close to saying "we were just married as well", but didnt, why/ I don't know why, i guess because we werent put that far from each other it didnt seem worth throwing a tantrum over.

People and their assumptions can seriously piss me off sometimes. I should've just said "no, i'd like to keep our original seats please."

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