2002-11-14, 3:59 p.m.,

yay I get to go swimming again tonight, it's been so long, i'm sure i'll be completely tired out after just a few laps, but the exercise will be good for me. I've been really grumpy about my work schedule because it sems all my boss wants me to do is work nights and weekends (like 12 hour shifts on the weekends) which leaves absolutely no time to spend with my girl (my wife) it's weird, still not used to that. So yeah, i have to get something done about this working schedule thing. The trouble is that I rarely stand up for myself when it comes to things like this. I can be a huge pushover sometimes. I blame this on my mother. 18 years of watching the woman back down to everything and let people walk all over her. Her motto: "is it worth the hassle that'll be created by speaking up?" thats the trouble, I try too hard not to step on toes. Even now though i go home and watch situations where she'll call realize that she's been charged twice for something and rather than speaking up she'll say "oh, its only 30 dollars" I don't want to make trouble. In this case it's my weekends....only now, my weekends are far more valuable than the weekdays because its the only time i get a full day with maxine.

We went to look at the apartment downstairs yesterday afternoon and, well, it has an amazig amount of potential and I think i'd really enjoy living there. Trouble is, it needs an obscene amount of work. The walls were peeling and cracked, the carpeting is all worn down, stained and the stove is literally something my great grandmother would have had in her place. It's antique. So we'er quite keen to see how much remodelling is going to be done, but the best thing of all is that it has a bathtub. YIPPEE! I never in a million years would have guessed how much i miss taking baths until I didnt have a tub.

yesterday I realized that I've had this cd missing for quite sometime, it's a U2 cd and suddenly I had the urge to listen to a particular song on it, so off i went digging through all my disks to find it, trying to remember the last time i played it or the last time i'd seen it, then I remembered...it was in Abby's car about 3 years ago. Weird how little things like that surprise you after so long. Looks like i"m buying it again, it's probably fairly safe to say I won't see it. But i do wonder where all her cd's went to , she had fantastic taste in music.....

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