2002-11-21, 9:24 a.m.,

When I was a little kid my sister and I used to have these contests to see who could hold their breath the longest. It didnt matter the situation, we could be in our backyard swimming pool or driving through the Lehigh Tunnel and we would see who could hold their breath to the end or at least longer than the other. The day before yesterday Maxie and I were at the pool and I went under and decided to see how far I could swim before needing air, it was really a half hearted attempt I decided on once I was underwater, but I went about half the length of the pool. I didnt mention to maxine I was doing this (obviously, i was underwater and couldn't) and I came up to find I had given her quite a scare as she was just about to go under water and look for me. A guy drown in the pool less than a year ago and there's no lifeguard on duty. So the possibility just rests in the back of your mind.

Yesterday I had quite an unexpected treat. Apparently Boston Market is the newest American franchise to invade the island of OZ and Maxie and I were a fair bit away from home yesterday and found one they had just put up recently. We decided to go for lunch. Never while living in the US have I ever been excited about going to Boston Market, but as we pulled intot he parking lot I remembered the little loaves of corn bread you get and instanly became quite excited. When I mentioned I hadn't had cornbread in over a year, i realized that its a very american thing and maxie had never had it. So yes folk, yesterday I was not only indulged in corn bread, but warm cinnamon apples (something else not here) and and and REAL lemonade. Not Sprite, which they call lemonade here, but REAL lemonade. I was quite spoiled. There's just so many little things from home I miss that you forget about until you see them again and although its quite silly, it kinda makes you feel at home again .

Also...I have a million pictures that need to be scanned because I told a friend I would send her photos of mine (like my black and whites) and I promised my mother I'd email her photos from our ceremony. It seems everyday I try to make the walk to the place to do it, something happens that I can't. Today, it's been raining all bloody day and I have no umbrella. I keep meaning to buy one, but i never think about getting one unless it's pouring outside.

Day 9699 and counting.......

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