2002-11-29, 9:56 a.m.,

The frequency in which I've been posting is quite impressive for me. Yes, in just 15 minutes I take the bus to begin my intense working spree and I woke up this morning feeling like crying because I know how miserable I'll be and how tired I'll be for the next week. I've decided to start looking for another job that's monday to friday only. Perhaps a nanny position.

The dinner party went so well. I think I can safely say that everyone had fun, they stayed until midnight, so perhaps that's a good sign. No bad food situations, nothing burned, everything turned out the way I wanted it to. Now...I have a mountain of dishes to wash. *Sigh*

Suzy (the friend of mine from NY who came for dinner with her boyfriend) was planning on bringing a pumpkin pie and called me about an hour before they showed being apologetic in saying she didnt end up having time to make one (which i thought would be the case) so she specially ordered an ice cream cake with a picture of a turkey on the front. It was hysterical, they must have looked at her like she was crazy asking for a cake with a turkey on the front in Aussie land.

Well kiddies...off I go.....and I meant to post those pictures while I was home yesterday. Soon, soon.....

I really wish I could have caffiene, a huge amount of it would be quite helpful these next few days.

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