2002-12-05, 9:49 a.m.,

So i found this question online somewhere about what would be more distressing, not having children or never having a withstanding marriage and so I post it just out of curiosity as to what people would think and I get this burst of anti-marriage "it doesnt mean anything unless your religous" "its just a piece of paper" responses. And while perhaps that may be true I wonder where and why all our views have changed. Perhaps its because we are a generation raised on divorces like no other, the first really. Its incredibly common for us to say "my parents are divorced" than it is for my parents. I mean clearly more of us have parents that are divorced than we do grandparents who are right? So I wonder if its because we've been raised to believe that divorce is the solution for rough spots in a marriage. It's quite strange really.

Maxine and I had this fantastic conversation about children and the relationships they grow up having with their parents as they become adults. That's a topic for another day. But yes, even though technically speaking it is just a piece of paper and perhaps it is a silly ritual,I still think its something that our generation (especially straight people) take for ganted, simply the fact that they have the option to marry (or divorce for that matter)anyone they wish simply because they love them. And to all those people who say that the concept of marriage is a sham all I can respond with is that perhaps its because you haven't found the person that you'll do anything and everything (silly rituals included) to make sure that the two of you will never be parted. Call me an old fashioned not so traditional girl, but I'd like the silly paper please.

Yes, and off to work I go (again) I can't believe I'm still standing after all this, but today is the last of my marathon schedule. Now my bosses girlfriend and her new breasts will be back to cover their own bloody shifts, thank you very much.

Yes yes.....and maxie and I booked our tickets to New Zealand last night. Wellington this time...so off we go overseas again......

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