2002-12-24, 9:46 a.m.,


I've just spent a huge amount of time posting an entry and as soon as I hit the little button for some dumb reason my computer decided "hey I'll just disconnect for a second" and *poof* just like that, its all gone. Bastards!

So now I have to think about everything I've previously wrote about and try to not forget it all.....

Ahem..yes, Gurlesque. We went on Friday with some friends of ours to this show thats put on once in awhile called Gurlesque. Basically a burlesque show for Lezzies. We were a bit hesitatnt to go as we had these images of a trashy kind of strip club for dykes, but we were reassured that it wasnt like that at all and it was actually quite theatrical acts and really well done. It was, for the most part, sure there were a few trashy strip club style acts, but it wasnt all like that.

My mother mailed a parcel out nearly a month ago and its still not here. I'm a bit upset about that because I was hoping to have something of my family with me for christmas, even if its just a letter. I'm sure customs has a million parcels to clear for the holidays and mine is just another one of the many, but still it would be nice to have it in time.

We've also come to the realization that the two of us travelling in April to the UK and then the states is not likely to happen. We'd so badly wanted to do it and have both of us there for my parents 25th anniversary, but we also realized that it'll be the same time I have to lodge my visa application. And at nearly two grand, it won't be easy to afford travel at the time as well. Why can't travel be free as long as you are visiting family? It should be. Like travel to visit your immediate family should be government subsidized because it encourages strang and happy families..or some crap like that. Really I just want to see my nephew who I feel like I'm missing out on all the really beautiful years of his life...all the first steps, first words, new teeth. I guess i feel lika a bad aunty.

Anyway, I'll stop whining. We've got gifts to wrap and cooking to do for the holidays.

Hope Santa brings everyone exactly what they wanted....

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