2002-12-28, 11:45 a.m.,

My parcels from home are still on hiatus. So at some point, i'll get xmas things rom my family......

I have to admit I was a bit homesick on xmas, and I couldnt exactly explain why, I must just really miss the little guy, it was his first christmas after all.

Ani is coming to Aussie land!!! Finally yay!! Opening for Bob Dylan, which normally one would think isnt bad, but i've seen her with Bob Dylan and he sucks ass....I mean, i like him, you know "long live the church of Bob" but live, his performances left something to be desired. So now we have to spend a mega fortune to go see her. They shoul dgive you cheaper tickets of you promise to leave before the opening act. Its really unfair, but i shouldnt complain, its been awhile since I've seen her play.

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