2003-01-10, 5:19 p.m.,

I've been quite caught up in writing this book. Right now I'm just trying to get to the end, then go back and add thing I'm certain to forget and edit. Trouble is, as it gets more and more personal, it gets harder to write and I find myself sitting here at the computer for the larger portion of the day with the file open and writing very little of anything. My dear friend Thea has been so supportive and eager to read the unedited crap I have yet to make book-worthy, but she seems keen to read it. Unless she's being kind, but I'm guessing she's being genuine about it all. Maxie and I seem to be working on our writing so much lately and its nice to just sit down and bounce ideas off each other. Critque each other and work on something so well together. I've always been in realtionships where my partner seemed genuinely interested in something i'd written and when I'd let them read it, it would sit, unread for days (or months in one case.)Or worse, they'd read it and go "it's good." so i'd ask, ok what was particularly good about it and they'd shrug and go "I dunno, it was just good." Bah!! I'd prefer to be told it was shit and how to make it better than be told "um, its good." and have them be all non-genuine. Oh yes, and the porn ad has magically disappeared from my guestbook. A few people can vouch that it was there when they went to say hello, but now it's gone and I didnt remove it. So whoever you are, thanks for cleaning up the place.

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