2003-03-31, 11:37 p.m.,

My boss sliced his hand open quite badly and requires surgery to basically reassmble it. Yuck, that means I'm working day shifts all week. So I guess thats good, Nights and weekends with my wife.

I'm tweaking my resume, ready to post it the second I get that working visa. Lately the old me has just crawled up under a pile of clothing while I'm in my pj's most of the day doing laundry, cleaning the house and running errands so that at 6 p.m. I can spent the rest of the evening serving university students coffee. I miss the old me, the me who was in shape, didnt mind getting up in the morning, had energy to go to work and develop photos and read and write and do so many lovely and wonderful things. Blah.....

I just want to do something that makes me feel like what I do is meaningful. Serving coffee isn't meaningful. Well, maybe perhaps to the person who ordered it, but they'll forget the meaning in an hour......

*poised and ready for that working visa*

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