2003-04-06, 11:17 p.m.,

Sometimes there are things I want to write in here. I think about it, and then I think about the people I know that read this and it keeps me from writing. It's really silly, but I guess thats the price you pay to have an open diary. So I thought about it and decided, fuck it, if I write things that hurt peoples feelingas or if I write things they would be happier not knowing, they can stop reading. So here goes:

I have a friend who has been going through a lot of crap lately and I'm sure she'd appreciate a phone call from me. I've been meaning to call and I feel like I should, but we email each other a few times a week, blah blah blah.

Its just that the last few conversations we've had have been quite weighted. Not arguements or anything, just heavy and I think there's things she isnt telling, things she wants to tell me but thinks I cant handle it or that she'll hurt my feelings. On one hand I just want to say "you know what, I already know, its ok."

Yes, I know this makes no sense to most people reading this, but it'll make sense to her. And when she reads it she'll know.

And that's why I haven't called to say I know you've been sick and I do hope your feeling better and I am thinking of you, but calling...well calling is a sticky one right now.

Hmm..I've just worked a 12 and a half hour shift, maybe I'm delerious and making to sense to anyone at all...

g'nite folks

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