2003-04-19, 11:34 p.m.,

I've already posted tonight but I feel like what I posted didn't say anything and now that I've drank too much wine and enjoyed some weed with my darling and beautiful wife while watching the Blair Witch Project..I'm not only drunk, stoned and frightened, I thought I'd stay up and share it with my dear readers. And what better to do in the wee hours of the a.m.? oh yes, work on my book I've been writing. I can only imagine how strange and unreadable it must be when the only time I work on it is after midnight and under the influence of Australian Red Wine.

So I'll tell you all about the dream I had last night, the one that seemed so real. I dreamed that maxie and I were walking down the street and walked into this allyway and out of nowhere abby showed up, walked up to me and just kept repeating "don't freak out, don't freak out" over and over again, consoling me as I obviously freaked out telling me that it was ok. She explained to me how she hadn't died but couldn't contact me for reason I've forgotten since the dream. It was weird, just thinking about how I so badly want ehr alive and with me for just an hour but in my dream I was so scared and so freaked out and maxie knew she was alive which is why she took me there to see her, it just freaked me out, hard to explain.

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