2003-06-04, 4:42 p.m.,

Things are just going very strangely for me lately. Did tthe job interbiew thing yesterday and was called back today. Of course if I didnt get the job, I also had a back up interview I could schedule for a job I might be more interested and suited for.

Anyway, regardless I went today adn spent the entire morning out ont he road with some guy named Simon. I had him pegged as being gay, I knew it, I could just tell, and usually my gadar is really really good. We chatted all morning and went business to business doing sales and marketing promotions so I could observe him at work and see what I would be doing on an "entry" level. Each time we'd go into a perfumy shop or a flower shop or a girly frilly shop fully of candles and handmade soaps, he'd get incedibly excited and go on and on about how wonderful it smelt in there. This was not for the clients benefit as usually the client was nowhere to be seen. Then we were in the car and his girlfriend called and he went on a small "I really love my girlfriend" tangent. I have to say it was refreshing and slightly restored my faith in men. Of course, he is still quite prissy and a Brit, maybe thats what threw me.

Anyway, right away they hired me, and they kinda did it in a way that I didnt actually get to agree to the job. The guy said "we'd like you come in tomorrow." and when I nodded he got excited shook my hand and said "your hired then." But tomorrow I want to go in and ask heaps of questions because although I'm sure I can handle the job, I think it might not exactly be what I'm looking for. It might be a bit to sales-ish for me. Perhaps I had visions of sitting at a desk being well paid to do something that I dream of doing and not really have to work hard at But as it stands now, I've got to get up at 6:45 ish to be on a bus by 7:15 to walk through the city and be at work at 8. I know I'm whining but 6:45 is insanely early for me people.

I'm being a cry baby, we'll see how we go tomorrow. If I hate it I can always say "piss off" and call the other place up.

And have I mentioned that the ENTIRE salary is commission based? Even though I'm assured that I'll be fine and make heaps, It still puts me off a bit.

Complain complain. All I know is walking around with Simon all day in heels kicked my ass. I came home around 2:30 and and fighting to stay awake......

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