2003-08-26, 1:59 p.m.,

I've been working hard core on the book lately, I'm rather proud of myself. I thought about putting a chapter in here just to let everyone give it a go and tell me if it's worth all the time I'm putting into it, it's ok tell the truth I can handle it.

I got a phone call from a friend last night who'd had a bit too much to drink thereby making her far too honest with me. (I adore you darling, you know i do, but sometimes....oh dear...)

We're going to see Teagan and Sarah this Friday (yay!) We're also going to see Catpower and The Waifs and hopefully The White Stripes, asssuming we remember to book tickets on thursday. So busy lately, everyone is coming to Oz.

I read today that dear Georgie Bush Jr has lost popularity in the US drastically. This gives me huge hope. 49 percent of people say they would NOT re-elect him. Which reminds me I need to register for an overseas absentee ballot and get that man outta there.

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