2003-09-04, 9:42 a.m.,

Maxine left this morning for Melbourne, 5:30 a.m. she had to wake up, poor thing. I could barely keep my eyes open to say goodbye to her, she must have been exhausted. 4 days at home all alone, wonder what Iíll find to do with myself?

I had this strange dream after she left that she bought a pet spider that was HUGE, as in bigger than my hand and she kept it in an aquarium filled with water because it could swim? And One day she just let it loose in the house and when I asked her why she said ďbecause it was laying eggs and having babies. And I freaked out thinking abut the spiders all throught the house. Then she hands me all this money and itís all Aussie dollars in really weird denominations like a 7 dollar note and a 2 dollar note. So whatís it all mean??

I was walking the dog this morning before work an took him up the little alyway we usually go into and this morning someone was kind enough to leave a porn mag lying out on the ground ďHot Horny Housewives in Your Area!Ē the cover read. Just lying out on the road. It made me wonder why someone left it, either they were kids who wanted a look but couldnít take it home in case mom found it tucked under the mattress or someone was wanking in the alleyway. My maternal instincts for a moment took over and I thought of picking it up and chucking it in the dumpster, but I didnít want to touch it, just in case it was candid camera or something and they were watching to see how many people stopped to look through it.

Iím always paranoid like that.

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