2003-09-03, 3:52 p.m.,

What band.....

Reminds you of an ex-lover: Nirvana.

Reminds you of an ex-friend: Dave Matthews Band.

Makes you cry: Mazzy Star.

Makes you laugh: Bitch and Animal.

Makes you smile: Ani Difranco.

Sums up your teenage years: U2

You like out of your parents record collection: Simon + Garfunkel.

You love that you wouldn't know about if it wasn't for a friend: Amber Asylum

Makes you think of someone who died: Nirvana/Smashing Pumpkins

Reminds you of your first crush love: I don't remember.

Makes you think of being alone: Radiohead.

Old School Fave: Beatles, Cat Stevens

x x x x x x x x x x

[four beverages you drink frequently]

1. Water.

2. Diet Sprite

3. Iced Tea

4. Cranberry Juice

[four things you can't live without]

1. My girl

2. Photography

3. Books

4. Travelling

[about ten years ago *list three things*]

1. I was seventeen

2. I was leaving for university

3. I was so happy.

[about four years ago *list three things*]

1. I was twenty three

2. I was living in Arizona.

3. I was depressed

[about one year ago *list three things*]

1. I was a month from my commitment ceremony

2. I was planning a trip to Vanuatu

3. I was excited


1. I am twenty seven

2. I ate homeade potato salad for lunch

3. I chose a winning entry from a promotion at work and made a stranger 10,000 dollars richer and she doesn’t know it yet.

[seven things you love]

1. living with my lover

2. good books.

3. art museums

4. good conversations.

5. good films

6. good naps.

7. good vanilla lattes.

[seven things you dislike]

1. being away from friends/family

2. pop music / pop musicians

3. “president” georgie dubya jr.

4. being sick.

5. being late / waiting for people.

6. being lonely.

7. being bored.

[seven things on your desk]

1. phone.

2. little notebook full of edits and ideas for my book

3. caramel black tea

4. work I don’t want to do

5. printer

6. the book I’d rather be working on

7. pens (like 8 of them)

[four things you would eat on the last day of your life]

1. Cotton Candy

2. Snow Crab.

3. Godiva Chocolates

4. Red Wine

[six celebrities you would have sex with]

1. Lisa Bonet

2. Angelina Jolie

3. Shannyn Sossmon

4. Neve Cambell

5. Ani Difranco

6. Rose McGowen

[four vacations you have taken]

1. Australia (does it count?)

2. New Zealand.

3. Vanuatu

4. Amsterdam

[four things you'd like to learn]

1. to be an excellent cellist

2. to write a pefect novel

3. the inner workings of the United States government.

4. to speak better spanish

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