2003-11-27, 12:02 p.m.,

It's so boring and slow today and I can't do anything but post post post in this diary over and over again to entertain myself. So beware dear readers, there may be many entries today.

I was just thinking about people I haven't seen in ages, mostly because I'm going home and there's so many people I'd like to see, but it's sad how distance just makes me contact you less, no matter how often you email and say "let's get together during that brief time that I'll be the same country. And I started wondering about the people I haven't seen in ages and wondering where they are, what they are doing and I started thinking about Helena and how I sort of feel a bit bad about never contacting her....eh, anyway I was thinking about her and wrote this.

Candy cane striped arms

and a black soled foot that kicked

direction to the canvas

abandoned at the floor

That's for her.

Her eyes dancing light over the word


stained to the fibre

For the little Judas kisses

when she was always looking over your shoulder.

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