2004-03-13, 5:32 p.m.,

So I've had this cough that won't go away and finally went to the doctor yesterday after work. Ended up at the doctors for about 2 hours because (to make a long story short) he said I have allergy induced asthma (sp??) and it's from ciggie smoke. So no more smoking in the house for my girl and now I'm wondering of pot smoke counts??? Does it count? Anyway I have an inhaler now so I'm not coughing anymore.

He said to me "what concerns me is that you are really pale, really pale. " Um..I'm irish new yorker and not exactly a beach girl.

So then I find myself getting blood taken, 3 vials of it, he's concerned. I don't know why. He asked if I got dizzy spells, I said yes, headaches? yes. Irregular heart rate? uh huh, yes.

Think I'm dying? Gotta wait until monday to find out I guess.

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