2004-06-29, 11:46 a.m.,

My head feels so full lately and I'm really very unsettled.

So much going on at work and I barely know how to keep it all straight. Yesterday I had my performance review and I was offered the option of a HUGE promotion. Trouble is that this will cost me a lot of my sanity, time and any working relationships I've made with my co-workers. Is it worth it?

I'm not convinced. I knew when I took the job it was all very temporary.

And I've been really keen to start the next book. what I have so far are pages and pages of notes. Some stuff is worthwhile, other stuff is crap and I just need to sort through it.

Meanwhile my darling girl is still battling on that cold. And I feel a bit distanced from home stuff.

If I were rich and could afford to do so, i take that girl away to the little studio cottage in the mountains

where we went for my birthday two years ago and lock her up with me for a few days. That way the only distraction I had would be her......

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