2005-05-02, 11:50 a.m.,

Here I am at 29....and I think here I'll stay for a few years.

Had a great birthday last nght, went out for some afternoon drinks and had a quiet few hours, then about 6:30 a heap of people showed up and we had lots of drinks, lots of fun and ended up at the Imperial for the drag show for charity. Came home to find a HUGE and I mean HUGE box of things from Lush, which is one of my absolute favourite stores ever, so at about 11 p.m. we took a slightly drunken (me far more than her) girly bath with lovely smelling girly things from Lush and off to bed...this morning I had a late start at work so we got to sleep in a bit and at about 9 this morning I was very surprised to find a delivery of Lillies and Orchids. Orchids, out of season and almost impossible to find this time of year...but there they were. Tonight i'm going out to dinner with the girl and then next weekend we're off to the moutians for her birthday. coming back for her party on Sunday.

I know how spoiled I am, I know how absolutely blessed I am to have people take such good care of me. It's so very rare to have a group of people who take care of you and do the little things that just keep you going and keep you knowing that everything is worthwhile....So yes, big thanks to all of you (and you kow who you are) My world simply wouldn't be the sme without you. I'm very very fortunate.

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