2005-05-15, 10:44 a.m.,

So very tired...it's been so crazy this week. Busy busy busy.

All my visa forms and whatnot came in the mail, which means I need to spend the next few days going through papers and looking for cards, eltters, photos, etc. I'm seriously hoping I didn't throw out things in my anger and cleaning when I probably needed them. I'm really hoping I had enough foresight to keep something. And she's probably discarded the bulk of what she has as well...

The tricky part is that we need to write statements about how in love we are and what our future plans are together. I sense that's going to be a bit of an emotional roller coaster.

I had my photo shoot this week and it was far less painful than I imagined. The first issue of the magazine went to print on friday and we had celebration cocktails in this overly posh venue underneath the harbour bridge, me and 5 guys. It was a bit akward. The only two other women on my team couldnt make it, so there I was among a group of guys as they drooled over these girls drinking strawberries and champagne going "oh my god, I want to work in THAT office..." Then they's apologise to me for being men and drooling....yeah, it was weird.

Last night went to see Catpower and it was really good. She played a normal show, not weird antics liek last time we saw her and for ages the venuie had hardly anyone in it. AS she began playing it filled straight up, but what a great great place to see a show.

Now off to do house things.....and fill out forms. Can't forget allt he forms.

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