2005-07-05, 1:14 p.m.,

In an effort to not sound like I'm bragging, I think I may have to resort to talking about all the cool things I get to do with my new job only in this diary.

The event I had to attend on Friday was bloody fantastic, the entertainment was amazing, the food---wow, the swarm of B grade celebrities was pretty funny in that sad kind of way...the suite they put me in--oh deary deary me. Random things kept appearing at my door, chocolates, booze, cheeses and fruit and I don't think I had to leave the hotel to eat or pay for anything all weekend long.

And I found out that one of the women I work with is on the sub-committee for a company that manages all the international conference destinations. AND in October they are doing media trips for the media members and their partners to travel out to these places to get "story ideas" the tourism department of the government pays for this ladies and gentlemen.

Oh yes, the government of Australia pays for people like me as well as journalists and other media folk to go to countries like Singapore, Tahiti, the cook islands, Japan, etc as well as places all over Oz to boost tourism because they think if we write articles about these place more people will go there and more people will hold events there, hence more tourism money I guess.

So thank you good tax paying folk of Oz...I'll send you all postcards. See what I mean? Bragging bragging and you hate me now, right?

So I spent ages chatting with a good friend of mine last night sorting out her trip to Aussie land and I think it just becomes more apparent to me that there's so many people in the world who mistake excitement for love. Or people who think they want love, when all they really want is excitement.

Yeah...anyway. Deadline, deadlines.

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