2005-09-16, 9:59 a.m.,

Working from home again today because I said that I had a few things to do in the city and a meeting. The few things I have to do are wait for my cello to be delivered today via courier and my meeting is with the psychic I sometimes go to.

Other than that I'm checking work emails from home. It's great not to have to contend with the weird folk that reside in the area where my official office is located. Yesterday I saw a postedradvertising the sale of electric furniture. The poster was stuck up on a poll at the streetcorner so I stood there waiting to cross and read on to discover that electric furniture is a microwave and a fridge. Funny, I thought those were called appliances. Electric furniture to me is, oh I dont know, a vibrating bed....a reclining armchair that massages. Bloody idiots.

I had a seriously sexy dream last night that I'd recount in detail, but it'd just get me all riled up again and I'm home alone, better I dont think about it until later this evening.

The dreams I've been having lately are so vivid and they feel so real, it's kinda freaky.

Oh yes and Dear Ms babysmacks, should you read this, please turn your notes feature on or give me a way to email you. I have something I'm certain you'll like.

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